Trane Furnace Prices and The Installation Cost

Trane furnace prices vary with different factors. Trane is one of the prestigious brands available in the market. It produces different products like heat pumps, gas, oil and electric furnaces. There are several brands of electric and gas furnaces available with Trane.

Installing a furnace is essential if you are living in a high altitude or living in temperate zones where you have winter season. If you are living in a higher altitude, you may need the furnace through out the year. If you are living in a temperate country you may need the furnace at the latter part of the autumn and through out the winter. However you should be careful to install a furnace that suits to your economy and giving a maximum output through out a longer period. Therefore you should select one of the best brands available in the market.

There are different models of the Trane furnace models and so there are different Trane furnace prices. XC communicating, XV two stage, XL two stage, XT single stage, XB single stage are some of the furnaces available with the Trane.

Trane XC 95m which is included in the XC communicating series includes several excellent features to ensure energy efficiency. This has several important product features. This is one of the products which includes the ComfortLink II communicating capability, two tone powder painted cabinet, multi ports, AL29-4C stainless steel secondary heat exchanger, silicone nitride hot surface igniter, variable speed blower motor..etc. ERV, humidifier, compatible air cleaner are some of the other beneficial features of this model. This is one of the gas furnace model produced by Trane.

XV95 is the model which is categorized under the XC communicating series. It has 96.7 % of AFUE value. The fan motor which is operated under variable speed ensures the quiet operation. The Trane CleanEffects feature ensures the efficient removal of the dust and pollen particles through the furnace’s advanced air filtration mechanism. Further there are some models available under this main model.

XL 80 is the other model which is operated by Gas. This model is consisting four speed blower motor, microelectronic controller, silicone nitride hot surface igniter for the efficient and comfortable usage. This furnace is convertible to the horizontal position. Heavy steel cabinet, washable filter are some of the best features of this model. This model is having 80% AFUE rating.

XT single stage is the other series of furnaces available with Trane. XT 90, the model included in this series has 40 inches of height. Enclosed burner box, high efficiency blow motor, cabinet that can be convertible to horizon, preprinted galvanized steel cabinet, AL29-4C ™ stainless steel secondary heat exchanger, insulated heavy steel cabinet are some of the best features of this Trane furnace model like at Furnacebuzz.

Different Trane furnace prices that drastically vary with each other are applied to the above mentioned products. The price of XV80, 80 K is around 2500 $. However with the other installation cost, the total is 9200 $. The price of the XV 90 series is 3500 $ while the total cost for the installation is 10600 $ including the other gadgets required in the system.

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